Company Milestone

Company Milestone


The Company opened Market Place Bangbon as its first neighborhood center with Jusco Supermarket as the anchor tenant. (Currently, the anchor tenant is Eco Ring which is the second-hand retail shop from Japan. The store was opened in December 2019 and was well-suited with the target market around that area.)


The Company opened the second and third neighborhood centers which are Market Place PrachaUtit and Market Place Sukhapiban 3. At present, Maxvalu and Tops Market are the anchor tenants, respectively.


The Company increased its registered capital from Baht 10 million to 20 million to support further expansion.


The Company opened its fourth neighborhood shopping center on Sukhumvit 71 (Klong Tan) Road with Jusco Supermarket as the anchor tenant.


The Company successfully developed and provided the business premises for B-Quik Service Company Limited, an auto service company under the name of ‚B-Quik‛ under its 14 branches. The Company developed 2 branches as convenience centers and 8 branches as stand-alone retail stores. At present B-Quik remained 1 branch on the stand-alone retail store format.


The Company also opened a new neighborhood shopping center in soi Thong Lo. Tops Market under the name ‚Market Place‛ was the anchor tenant. Currentl, this project was under developed to the mixed-use project named Marche’ 55.


The Company opened a new neighborhood shopping center in Thungmahamek with Tops Market as the anchor tenant. Currently, the Company renovated to Market Place Nanglinchee.


The Company opened five new shopping centers 1) the Family Center Chaengwatthana 2) Ladprao Soi 120 Convenience Center currently land lease agreement was expired 3) Major Cineplex Cha Choeng Sao currently land lease agreement was expired 4) Lifestyle Center ‚J Avenue Thonglor 15‛ 5) Piyarom Place Sukhumvit 101/1 which had already expired.


The Company opened three new shopping centers as follows 1) Wanghin Convenience Center, land SIAM FUTURE DEVELOPMENT PLC. 7 56-1 One Report 2021 lease was expired 2) Petchkasem Power Center with Big C Supermarket, Major Cineplex, Makro Food Service and Amulet Market as the anchor tenants 3) Ekkamai Power Center with Big C Supermarket and Index Living Mall as the anchor tenants.


The Company opened three new shopping centers as follows 1) the Avenue Chaeng watthana 2) La Villa Ari 3) Esplanade Ratchadapisek with Major Cineplex, Ratchadalai Theatre, Tops Supermarket, We Fitness Society and Art in Paradise as the anchor tenants.


The Company opened two new shopping centers as follows: 1.) The Pattaya Avenue with Major Cineplex, Villa Market and Fitness7 as anchor tenants 2.) Kao Yai Market Village with Tesco Lotus as an anchor tenant. In 2009, the Company disposed Kao Yai Market Village to Tesco Lotus.


There are two new shopping centers i.e. Neighborhood Center named Market Place Nawamin (Sukapiban 1) with Big C supermarket as an anchor tenant, Lifestyle Center named the Avenue Ratchayothin with Villa market as an anchor tenant.


The Company opened a new shopping center, Nawamin City Avenue Lifestyle center, located on Kaset-Nawamin Road and Villa market as an anchor tenant.


The Company sold 30-year leaseholds rights of 11,109 sq.m. short-term lease of the Ratchayothin Avenue to Major Cineplex Lifestyle Property Fund (MJLF).


the Company opened two new shopping centers 1) Festival Walk Nawamin Art Village, an expansion of Nawamin City Avenue, on Kaset-Nawamin. 2) the first IKEA store in Thailand, one of the anchor tenants of Megabangna which is the joint venture between the Company and IKANO Pte with the occupied area of 40,000 sq.m.


The Company opened one super regional mall. Megabangna, located on Bangna-Trad road K.M. 8, the Company had joint venture with IKANO Pte. which is the world-famous home furnishing company from Sweden. Megabangna is anchored by IKEA, Major Cineplex, Big C, Homepro, and Central with gross leasable area of 180,000 sq.m.


The Company provided project management service for Bangkok University’s community mall named ‚Imagine Village‛ which was opened in April 2013. The management contract has expired in 2015.


The Company has started the construction of the additional section and extended the parking building in front of Megabangna to increase the diversification of shops in the mall areas and add more parking spaces for customer’s convenience.


The Company renewed the land lease agreement of Market Place Sukapiban 3 for another 20 years. Moreover, the Market Place Nanglinchee phase 1 and Mega Food-walk which is the extension phase of Megabangna with 2,700 sq.m. of Tops Market and more than 30 restaurants were opened


the Company renovated J Avenue Thonglo by upgrading partial area to Indoor Food Hall providing new customers’ experience. Also in Market Place Sukapiban 3, the Company expanded building area, added new glass house, added parking space and enhance traffic flow. Construction in Market Place Nanglinchee completed and fully operated in December 2019.


The Company opened one new project Market Place Dusit in February 2020 which had Tops Market as an anchor tenant.


The Company renovated Market Place Nawamin (Sukaphiban 1) by replacing Big C to Tops Market as an anchort tenant as well as providing new tenants to improve customers’ experience.


The Company opened new shopping center which is Market Place Krungthep Kretha project. It is a community mall located on Sri Nakarind-Romklao Road with 5,000 sqm. of leasable area.

Presently the Company owns altogether 19 operating projects and 1 developing projects. Currently, the total gross leasable area is 376,617 Sq.m.